About us

Huamao Wallpaper is dedicated to creating a world belonging to young people. With the construction of animation culture field as the starting point, gather animation culture lovers and provide them with a comprehensive service platform. From Color Puss Separated and officially established. It is deeply loved by the post-90s and post-00s young people in China.

Huamao wallpaper is an application jointly maintained by members of the Huamao wallpaper organization and is not owned by a company or team. The members of the Huamao wallpaper Organization are all Huamao wallpaper users who apply to participate.

At present, Huamao Wallpaper has accumulated more than 100000 registered users and more than 20000 selected resources.

Huamao Wallpaper are mainly divided into the following areas:

Picture area: The content here is submitted and uploaded by users. The content is mainly animation, anime, cosplay, photo album and other types of pictures, providing users with collections and downloads.

Future development:

Dynamic wallpaper, chat, community, contribution and other functions or content will be added to make Huamao wallpaper no longer only wallpaper.

Growth process:

February 12, 2023 20000 pictures have been included
January 12, 2023 The operation team of Huamao wallpaper was completely replaced
December 2, 2022 Become a partner with Meta to contribute to future data interaction
March 18, 2022 Change the domain name of Huamao Wallpaper from bizhi.colorpuss.com to huamaobizhi.com
November 6, 2020 Separate from Huamao's material network to create Huamao Wallpaper
November 22, 2018 Color Puss Network Desktop Wallpaper Column Launched

Website update log:

February 24, 2023 New collection column
February 19, 2023 Accelerate and optimize the loading of picture resources of the whole site, and increase the number of page pictures loaded in parallel

Understanding Organization Members